FAQ - Black Sparkle, Matte Black, Bridal

Q – How long does my SPARKLE and MATTE BLACK skin jewel last?

A – Up to three days (longer if treated with care)

Q – How many times can I wear my SPARKLE and MATTE BLACK skin jewel?

A – Once, it is not reusable.

Q – Is it really waterproof?

A – Yes, you can bathe, shower or go into a pool.

Q – Is there any area where I should NOT apply the jewel?

A – Do not stick on any joints/articulations such as your wrist. Place on clean, dry, smooth skin. See gallery photographs for suggested uses.

Q – How do I remove my Black Lace SPARKLE and MATTE skin jewel?

A – Peel it off with ease.

Q – Is the skin jewel Hypoallergenic?

A – Yes

Q – What happens if I have body lotion on my skin when applying to my skin?

A – The piece will not adhere to skin.