FAQ: Silver & Gold Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Q – How long does my temporary METALLIC tattoo last?

A – Up to five days. It may last longer but it will not be as shiny and bright.

Q – How do I apply my gold or silver metallic tattoo?

A – Choose the design you want to apply and cut out carefully. Remove the acetate cover sheet. Place the metallic side down on the skin with the white paper facing up and hold in place. Wet tattoo  generously with water. Wait 10 – 15 seconds, then slide away paper backing.

Q – Is the metallic temporary tattoo really waterproof?

A – Yes, you can bathe, shower or go into a pool.

Q – Can I use body lotion and suntan screen with the gold and silver tattoos?

A – For longer lasting results avoid any lotions that contain oil.

Q – Is there any area that I should NOT apply the gold or silver tattoo?

A – Place on any clean, dry, smooth skin. Do not place on sensitive skin. See gallery photographs for suggested uses.

Q – How do I remove my metallic temporary tattoo?

A – Use rubbing alcohol and rub with pressure.

Q – Is the metallic tattoo Hypoallergenic?

A – Yes, and our tattoos are manufactured in the USA.

Q – What happens if I have body lotion on my skin when applying the temporary tattoo to my skin?

A – The piece will not adhere to the skin.