Item of the Day: Black Lace August 05 2014

Article in Accessories Magazine by Jeff Prine on August 5, 2014


Item of the DayBuried in one of Mary Ann Richman’s bureau drawers for more than 20 years was something she bought at Barneys. She paid $75 for it and was one of the few customers who did.

Fast forward to last year and Richman, a veteran jewelry designer, pulled out her Barneys purchase and within a few months had her new business Black Lace Skin Jewelry…or a very elegant and different sort of temporary tattoos.

The designs are based upon the hit TV series “Game of Thrones” and are decorated with tiny Swarovski crystals. The seductive sexy, velvety adornments slide easily onto the skin and last about three days.

“Women love them for special occasions or dates. And they are popular with those who have tattoos and want to add some decoration to them,” Richman says. They also can be mixed with fine or fashion jewelry, creating a more dramatic and larger statement.

Or they are popular with retailers, like those at the just-concluded AccessoriesTheShow. By the end of the first day, dozens buyers of all sorts sported Black Lace skin jewelry.