People Style Watch: Ready to Score a Zillion Compliments! November 18 2015

"People were grabbing my wrist to check out this glitter and crystal tattoo! It really draws attention."

Arielle R. Franklin, Beauty Assistant

Peopel Style Watch features Black Lace Skin Jewelry for a Zillion Compliments!

InStyle: How to Prevent a Jennifer Lawrence-Like Tattoo Mishap November 17 2015


How to Prevent a Jennifer Lawrence-Like Tattoo Mishap

July 22, 2015 @ 5:15 PM

When Jennifer Lawrence candidly explained how her H20 tattoo (above) is comically inaccurate, we learned a valuable lesson: Think before you ink. And although any permanent fixture should be something meaningful and well-researched, waiting to come up with a design you'll want to wear for life is no reason not to accessorize your right skin now. The Grommet’s just-released Black Lace skin jewelry offers a new take on temporary tattoos.

Each of the waterproof designs adheres using hypoallergenic adhesive and lasts for up to three days. Like those that stars such as Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker love to sport, these lacy pieces come adorned with Swarovski crystals and—when ready—are easy to remove. It’s time to thank Lawrence for the practical advice, and then get shopping.

Shop it: (left to right) 'Passionate' tattoo, $18;'Rose' tattoo, $12; 'Courageous' tattoo, $26; 'Amorous' tattoo, $18;




THE GROMMET October 12 2015

The Daily Grommet

These temporary jewelry tattoos, discovered by The Grommet, display medieval inspired patterns with delicately-placed Swarovski crystals. Jewelry artist Mary Anne Richman partnered with an award-winning graphic artist to create designs that are gorgeous on their own or can even be worn to complement regular jewelry and tattoos. We can’t all afford haute couture jewelry, but we can still look like we’re wearing it. Black Lace Skin Jewelry looks like the real thing, but is actually an adhesive skin tattoo that's removable. What makes this jewelry unique is its texture and design. These pieces take Medieval design elements and put an edgy, modern twist on them. If you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones or The Tudors, you know what Medieval style looks like. Lots of fleurs-de-lis and gothic crosses and crowns—basically bold and striking. With Black Lace tattoo jewelry tattoos, you can rock a high-end look without a diamond budget.

Unboxing Black Lace Skin Jewelry March 09 2015

US Magazine Features Vanessa Hudgens & Black Lace Skin Jewelry March 09 2015

As seen in US Magazine! Trend Setter Vanessa Hudgens, Former High-School Musical Star & now starring in GIGI on Broadway loves Black Lace Skin Jewelry. The elegant line of Black Satin Tattoos are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and reusable with eyelash glue.

E! News Features Black Lace Skin Jewelry! October 24 2014

E News! features Black Lace Skin Jewelry as THE new trend for fall fashion. The elegant designs combined with embedded Swarovski crystals makes this the unique accessory of the season! Referred to as "Black Lace Tattoo" on the E! News show, our body jewels are hand-made in the USA.


Bebe Rexha on the TODAY Show September 25 2014

Bebe continues to show her style and talent on The TODAY Show wearing Black Lace Skin Jewelry while performing her new single "I Can't Stop Drinking About You".

On the Runway at NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week September 15 2014


Bebe Rexha's MTV shoot August 16 2014

Bebe Rexha, co-writer of Eminem and Rihanna's "The Monster", rocks Black Lace Skin Jewelry at her MTV shoot.



Item of the Day: Black Lace August 05 2014

Article in Accessories Magazine by Jeff Prine on August 5, 2014


Item of the DayBuried in one of Mary Ann Richman’s bureau drawers for more than 20 years was something she bought at Barneys. She paid $75 for it and was one of the few customers who did.

Fast forward to last year and Richman, a veteran jewelry designer, pulled out her Barneys purchase and within a few months had her new business Black Lace Skin Jewelry…or a very elegant and different sort of temporary tattoos.

The designs are based upon the hit TV series “Game of Thrones” and are decorated with tiny Swarovski crystals. The seductive sexy, velvety adornments slide easily onto the skin and last about three days.

“Women love them for special occasions or dates. And they are popular with those who have tattoos and want to add some decoration to them,” Richman says. They also can be mixed with fine or fashion jewelry, creating a more dramatic and larger statement.

Or they are popular with retailers, like those at the just-concluded AccessoriesTheShow. By the end of the first day, dozens buyers of all sorts sported Black Lace skin jewelry.


Event Tools | Special Events Magazine August 05 2014

Special events article 08_05_14

New Lace 'Skin Jewelry,' Crowd Mics, Chef Coats

Gala Award-winning designer Bonny Katzman has partnered with Mary Anne Richman to offer Black Lace Skin Jewelry, a line of lace jewelry designed to wear on bare skin. A special bridal line is available in white and ivory with or without crystal embellishments. The pieces are hypoallergenic, self-adhesive and waterproof.... Read More